The United States of America was founded on the right to keep and bear arms, though in New Jersey, doing so is more complicated than in other states, and if you are looking to purchase and own a firearm, you should speak with a Morristown gun permit lawyer before you begin filling out your application. Contact Graves Andrews, LLC today to learn more about gun permits in New Jersey and how our firm can assist you.

Should I Hire a Morristown Gun Permit Lawyer?

If you want to purchase a firearm or apply for a permit to carry a handgun, you should strongly consider contacting our experienced Morristown gun permit lawyer. Mr. Graves has handled numerous firearm applications and appeals. He has extensive legal expertise in the area of firearm applications and firearm appeals to the Superior Court.

He will ensure that your application is accurate and complete so that it will be properly evaluated by the law enforcement entity that will initially determine your eligibility to purchase and/or carry firearms. If your application is denied, you can retain Mr. Graves to file an appeal of the denial of your application. The appeal will be decided by an independent, neutral Superior Court judge. This appeal is a second opportunity to have your application considered and potentially granted.

Obtaining a Gun Permit in Morristown, New Jersey

The first thing you should understand is that there are two types of gun permits; handgun purchase permits and firearm purchaser identification cards. Both permits are different, though the application is the same. A handgun purchase permit will give someone the right to purchase a handgun, which a firearm purchaser identification card gives an individual the right to purchase a rifle, shotgun, or long gun.

When filling out your application, you must include your driver’s license, a passport, two references, and an executed Consent for Mental Health Records Search. You will then be subject to a background check with the FBI, wherein they will search your mental health records, you will be fingerprinted, and the local police will also investigate you to see whether you have a criminal record.

Obtaining a License to Carry

If you are looking to carry a firearm on your person, you will have to obtain a license to carry. These licenses are particularly difficult to get in the state of New Jersey, and they require you to prove that you have a justifiable reason to carry a firearm on your person. Unless your job requires you to carry a firearm (such as if you are a police officer) or you can prove that you’ve had physical threats made against you, you may have difficulty obtaining such a license. That being said, if you believe you qualify for a license to carry, speak with our Morristown gun permit lawyer today.

Firearm Returns in New Jersey

Each year in New Jersey, thousands of people have their firearms seized by law enforcement as a result of domestic violence incidents. When a domestic violence restraining order is issued in New Jersey, the police are often authorized to search for and seize any firearms. Once firearms are seized, they are typically transported and stored in the evidence locker room at the county prosecutor’s office. If law enforcement seizes your firearms, they will maintain possession of your property unless and until all of the charges against you are dismissed. However, even if the charges are dismissed, the prosecutor may elect to file a motion for forfeiture of your firearms based on other reasons or concerns.

Contact a Morristown Gun Permit Lawyer

Whether you are looking to legally purchase and own a firearm, you’ve been charged with a gun crime, or you have any other firearm-related concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Graves Andrews, LLC today to learn more about how our firm can assist you.