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Depending on the criminal offense that you are convicted for, you may be eligible for probation at some point in your sentence. However, with probation comes a great deal of conditions that must be respected. If not, you may be facing serious consequences. Read on to discover what the penalties are for violating probation and how a seasoned Morristown criminal defense lawyer at Graves Andrews, LLC can come to your defense.

What is probation?

Put simply, if you are convicted of a criminal offense, the New Jersey court may grant you probation so that you can remain in the community instead of serving your sentence in prison or jail. Oftentimes, you will serve the custodial part of your sentence in a prison or jail and then serve the rest on probation. This usually lasts up to five years but could be more or less depending on your behavior.

What are the conditions for probation in the state of New Jersey?

When the New Jersey court sentences you to probation, this is considered a privilege. But even still, this privilege comes with strict guidelines that must be matched. If you go against any of these guidelines, then you may be charged with a probation violation. This comes with its own set of consequences. That said, below are some of the standard probation guidelines that are seen in the state of New Jersey:

  • You must continue to follow New Jersey and federal laws so as to not commit another offense or get arrested.
  • You must seek and maintain employment.
  • You must abide by the curfew given to you.
  • You must remain in a specific geographic location.
  • You must not associate with certain people.
  • You must complete random drug tests.
  • You must wear a monitoring device.
  • You must not own or possess any firearms.
  • You must perform community service.
  • You must pay fines associated with the charges you face.
  • You must attend regularly scheduled meetings with your probation officer.
  • You must attend alcohol and drug counseling.
  • You must attend anger management counseling.

What are the penalties for violating probation in the state of New Jersey?

If your probation officer believes that you violated any of your probation conditions, then they may file a Violation of Probation with the New Jersey court. This will prompt a court hearing that will decipher whether the complaint is legitimate. It is important that you attend this hearing. If not, the court will enforce a warrant for your arrest and you will be facing further legal consequences.

If in your hearing, the New Jersey judge determines that you are guilty of violating your probation, then they will sentence you to additional penalties on top of the ones that you have for your original offense. Possibly, you may face imprisonment or have your probation privilege revoked.

You will need proper legal representation to defend yourself. Rest assured, a competent attorney from our criminal defense law firm is ready to step in. Give us a call today.