Divorce is something no one ever wants to encounter, however, the unfortunate reality is that roughly 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce. If you are someone who is about to get divorced, you’re most likely concerned about how to proceed. The first, and perhaps most important step you should take is to hire an experienced Morris County divorce lawyer who can fight for the best possible outcome on your behalf. That said, you should consider several things before selecting the right attorney for you. Just some of the most important considerations when it comes to choosing a divorce lawyer are as follows:

Your Divorce Lawyer Should Have a Firm Grasp of the Law

This is perhaps the most obvious. While attorneys cannot guarantee outcomes, any attorney should answer your basic questions about how child support/custody is typically decided in NJ, whether you may qualify for alimony, and more. If your divorce lawyer cannot answer your most basic questions, he or she is probably not the right attorney for you.

Your Attorney Should Have Strong Online Reviews

Many of us won’t eat at a restaurant before first checking its reviews. Why should this be any different than when it comes to hiring an attorney? Nothing speaks to a law firm’s ability like reviews from real clients. Our firm maintains a near-five-star rating on Google.

Your Attorney Should be Trustworthy

You must trust and feel comfortable with your attorney, as trust is essential for any attorney-client relationship. Not only must you trust your attorney enough to tell him or her all facts pertaining to your divorce, but you must also feel confident that your case is in good hands. Graves Andrews, LLC prides itself on forging strong relationships with clients, ensuring that they are in the loop, updated whenever necessary, and available to answer questions at all times. With us on your side, you’ll never feel as though you’ve been left in the dark.

If you have any further questions or you would like to schedule your initial consultation with a compassionate and knowledgeable Morristown family law attorney from our firm, simply pick up the phone and give us a call today. We are ready to help.

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