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When spouses are facing a divorce, they may want to explore alternative divorce methods to avoid litigation. In New Jersey, the alternative methods of divorce include mediation, collaboration, and arbitration. To learn more about these methods, continue reading and reach out to our experienced New Jersey divorce attorney for assistance.


Mediation is one of the most common alternative methods of divorce. Mediation involves a third party who will mediate disagreements in order to come to a resolution that maintains both parties’ best interests. This process allows the spouses to come together to negotiate the terms of their divorce. Meditation has no set timeframe and can last as long or as short as the couple requires to come to a conclusion. Once the couple reaches a resolution, the mediator will draft an agreement for the spouses to sign. The document will then be presented to the court to review and if they approve, they will be granted a Judgement of Divorce.


Arbitration is a similar process to mediation because it also requires the assistance of a third party. The third party in arbitration acts as a judge during the proceedings. They will ultimately make all necessary final decisions regarding the marital issues.


Collaborative divorce includes a series of four-way meetings that allows spouses to communicate and settle marital issues. The spouses’ attorneys will guide the parties to reach amicable decisions instead of the process being guided by a third party like in mediation and arbitration.

Collaborative divorces are supported by a Participation Agreement. This document details the obligations of each party during the process and is signed by both spouses and their attorneys. Signing the documents bars the attorneys from representing these clients if the process does not work. It also holds the attorneys responsible for ensuring the success of their clients.

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