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A divorce can be a pressuring and emotionally-draining process. This alone should deter you to represent yourself in your proceedings. But for a greater explanation, read on to understand why we recommend that you retain the services of a seasoned Morristown County divorce lawyer of Graves Andrews, LLC, to handle all of your divorce matters.

Why should I never represent myself in asset division decisions?

When it comes to asset division in your divorce proceedings, there are a lot of calculations that need to be made to properly support your argument. For example, you will need to compute the following factors:

  • Your and your spouse’s yearly salaries, along with other sources of income.
  • Your and your spouse’s earning potential.
  • Your and your spouse’s debts and liabilities.
  • Your and your spouse’s monetary contribution to the marriage.
  • The monetary value of the assets in question.
  • The potential tax consequences of the assets in question.
  • The complex assets (i.e., stock portfolios and retirement plans).

If your spouse employed an attorney and you did not, you may be taken advantage of. That is, they may offer an unfair asset division agreement, and you would not have the proper resources to determine it as such.

Why should I never represent myself in child custody decisions?

Below are reasons why you should not undergo the child custody battle alone:

  • You may fail to recognize the repercussions of sole legal custody: if your spouse’s attorney offers to give you shared physical custody but to give your spouse sole legal custody, you may think this is fair. However, you may not know that this would restrict you from contributing to decisions on your child’s medical care, religion, education, etc.
  • You may fail to fight off false accusations: if your spouse throws out false accusations about your character or parental abilities in the presence of the New York court, you may not have prepared the proper evidence to defend yourself.
  • You may not be in the right mindset: acting on your emotions when it comes to child custody discussions in the presence of the New York court may hurt your case and overall how it views your parental character.

With all of these points put into consideration, along with many other reasons, it is recommended that you employ a competent Morristown family law attorney as soon as you can. We are willing and able to carry this burden for you and represent you in the best way possible.